Welcome to the Zoelife4U International Chat Dungeon!

Born in a dusty living room on the 19th of April 2004 in New Mexico, ZircD has grown to become home to a core group of close friends and anyone looking to meet new people. ZircD survives today as a testament to the stubborn nature of it's owner. :)

Point your irc client to irc://irc.zircd.net:6667 and hop into #JelloPool for a chat.

Need an IRC Client?

ZircD Staff recommends Hexchat to connect to ZircD and join the chat for it's ease of setup and use.

Or... use our somewhat kickass web chat:

Server List:

Hostname Link Time
zircd.zoelife4u.org 05 Days 04:33:03
ratsnest.zoelife4u.org 05 Days 04:33:00
job38.zoelife4u.net 05 Days 04:33:00
beaker.i-al.net 05 Days 04:32:19
irc.zoelife4u.org 00 Days 02:50:11

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